Selling Distressed Property
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Selling Distressed Property

The real estate market is hard enough to navigate as it is. Your home’s compromised condition makes it even harder to get your home on the market and out of your hands. However, not all hope is lost: LifeCycle transitions are here to help, and we have the expertise and tools to do so.

The LifeCycle team will come over, have you fill out a Transition Evaluation Assessment, and the rest will get put into place. Our services ultimately depend on the individual, so we will carefully assess your home and design a plan custom-made for you and your home.

During the process, we educate you and explain the proper methods and techniques to get the highest market value for your distressed property.

In addition, we offer a property buyout agreement that makes the experience hassle-free, providing you time to deal with the necessary finances. For your convenience, we offer a transparent mortgage buyout agreement as well. Even if you’re not in the market to sell, buying and selling distressed properties is a win-win for buyers and sellers alike.

We specialize in hoarding assistance, health evaluations, home repairs, and more, and are more than qualified to get your home out of a distressed state and onto the marketplace, so your worries are behind you for good.  

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