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Our newest level of service is the Tailor-Made Umbrella Package for homeowners who know–upfront—that their transition is multi-layered and complex. They understand and appreciate the fact that LifeCycle Transitions will be the only interface between themselves and the various companies involved in the transition. Our Tailor-Made Umbrella Package begins with our in-home consultation to assess the needs at the property. From there we will prepare a roadmap for the entire project including our Basic Transition  plus any of our add-on Transition Services or our Home Rescue Program. 

Any or all of the following services may be part of a Tailor-Made Umbrella Package:

  • Basic Transition/Hoarding Cleanup
  • Market-Ready Evaluation
  • Property Rehabilitation
  • Home Care Assistance
  • Assisted/Active Living Locator
  • Healthy Home Prep
  • Downsizing & Relocation Services
  • Move Management 
  • Home Rescue Program

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Basic Transition/Hoarding Cleanup

Transition (cleanup) is our hallmark service. We will sort, pack, clean, haul away the trash, move items to storage, launder your items, and disinfect/ sanitize your home from top to bottom. We will also include our liquidation support services. We offer freedom from extreme clutter and harmful airborne toxins in less than two weeks. Just imagine yourself in a brand-new home that’s clean, comfortable, safe, and inviting to all.


Basic Transition & Property Rehabilitation

This option includes everything in the Basic Transition Cleanup Service plus home improvement.  We have forged relationships with community partners who are licensed and vetted to handle all of your construction needs and bring your home back to pristine, market-ready condition. Throughout the whole rehab process, LifeCycle is your one point of contact with all of the workers on the project.


A Market-Ready Evaluation

If you have decided to sell your distressed property, you will benefit from our Market-Ready Evaluation. This thorough analysis gives you a comprehensive look at the value of your home ‘as is’ and the increased value once the needed improvements (basic transition, rehab, landscaping, etc.) have been made. We provide you the information and the resources needed to get your property market-ready in 30-45 days.


Home Rescue Program

LifeCycle Transitions’ Home Rescue Program acquires properties that meet specific criteria set forth by our Investors Committee. Clients whose homes meet our selection criteria  receive a generous, exclusive offer for their properties and a reduced price for the Basic Transition/Hoarding Cleanup.

Customized, Add-on Services 


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