Property Rehabilitation


After our LifeCycle Transitions professionals have made your home clean and inviting, they can also repair, update and remodel it via the Property Rehabilitation Service. If you choose to do a Property Rehabilitation, you will receive a detailed Plan of Action that explains:

  • Your property’s estimated market value in its current condition.
  • A detailed list of the improvements required to return your home to its highest resale value.
  • A cost estimate to perform each of these improvements.
  • The estimated time needed to complete the project.
  • Details about comparable homes that were used to help determine the value of your home after the improvements have been made.
  • You decide whether to complete some or all of the suggested repairs. The estimated resale value of the home is recalculated to reflect the items you want to have completed. Throughout the project, our team handles all of the communication with each contractor and worker. The process is hassle-free and efficient, and the work is top-notch.

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