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Just over 11 years ago, Brandon Bronaugh founded Top Notch Transitional Services, a firm that focused on property preservation. Brandon and his team specialized in contracting with national asset management entities to put foreclosed and distressed properties back on the market.

As Brandon and his team transitioned these distressed homes, he saw the upheaval the owners experienced. Brandon recognized that hundreds of clients were imprisoned in their homes. Due to the shame and embarrassment of revealing their living situations, they were afraid to seek help. They recognized their need to transition away from the difficulties brought on by neglect, hoarding or financial strain, but they didn’t know where to start. Brandon seized the opportunity to help these people whose quality of life was severely compromised due to their home environments.

Brandon also noticed the difficulties people faced during significant life changes such as the death of a loved one, downsizing the home of an elderly parent, or returning home from a rehab facility to a distressed home. People in these circumstances were battling emotional, mental or physical hurdles and still trying to manage home repairs, locate a realtor, clean a well-lived-in home or even organize all the details of packing and moving.

When Brandon discovered that there were very limited resources available to help people in these desperate situations, his vision was simple–create a transition company that managed all aspects of life-changing events for families. He created a company devoted to exploring customizable options that educate, empower, and inform clients. Rather than just focusing on selling a home, or offering a service, Brandon wanted to be able to care for individuals and offer guidance that would allow them to make better decisions and result in the outcome that they truly desired.

To date, Brandon and his team have transitioned more than 500 families and worked with leading companies to bring his vision to life. In the process, he has forged partnerships with major healthcare providers and hospitals, as well as skilled nursing homes, assisted living communities, and rehabilitation facilities. He now partners with many Councils on Aging, local health departments, elder services groups and inspection services in the cities and towns he serves. Brandon has also been instrumental in mentoring a number of unprepared cities and towns on how to effectively address hoarding emergencies and provide referral resources.

After reorganizing and renaming his company LifeCycle Transitions, Brandon broadened the company’s goals to focus on meeting the needs of the people making deliberate changes in their lives. The company continues to offer families transition assistance and to refurbish distressed properties.

Home Rescue & Relocation Program and Home Care Assistance—exemplify their broader focus. The Home Rescue & Relocation Program helps homeowners sell their home for a competitive price, emerge from financial distress, and relocate to a home that meets their current needs. The Home Care Assistance program provides recurring services to clients who need occasional help with routine cleaning, cooking, maintenance, errand-running and shopping. Having these essential services provided allows people, who may have dealt with serious issues such as hoarding, depression and anxiety disorder, to maintain their independence and remain in their homes. Routine visits by LifeCycle caregivers help ensure that each client’s home stays safe and inviting.

This array of programs allows Brandon to combine his passion for helping others with his business training and property expertise. The growing list of programs and services allows LifeCycle Transitions to be a “one-stop-shop” for clients. LifeCycle Transitions offers everything a client needs to complete a transition without spending loads of money, doing tons of homework, or dealing with many different companies such as contractors, legal advisors, realtors, and city officials. Best of all, clients don’t have to fumble through their transition alone. LifeCycle staff will be there every step of the way to ensure speedy success and an immediate start of each client’s new lease on life.

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A Star is Born!

The A&E Network recently asked LifeCycle Transitions CEO, Brandon Bronaugh, to become one of the latest hosts of their hit reality series Hoarders. Brandon looks forward to this challenging opportunity, and is honored to be asked. A&E’s invitation demonstrates that they recognize excellence in Brandon and in LifeCycle Transitions. He hopes that his unique approach to hoarding intervention will allow him to bring enormous relief to families battling the hoarding disorder, and also encourage viewers who are seeking direction and inspiration.

We will update this page to let you know the air dates of the episodes that Brandon hosts.

Screen Shot 2021-04-16 at 2.23.42 PM

Brandon Bronaugh in the WATD-FM 95.9 studio with co-host Patti Abbate.

Listen to our conversation with Brandon Bronaugh, CEO, LifeCycle Transitional Services

Last night we welcomed the CEO of Top Notch Transitional Services, Brandon Bronaugh to our show, My Generation, on WATD-FM 95.9. Brandon discussed the challenges many seniors and their loved ones face when change happens in their lives. For more information about the services offered by his firm, visit http://www.tntshelp.com. The audio file of the full hour-long broadcast is in the link below.

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