Who Is Responsible For Paying Your Parents’ Nursing Home Bills?

What exactly comes next after assisting your parents with finding a long-term care facility that would meet both their needs and budget? The next step is to note that those who are in need of this type of care can end up running through all of their cash reserves, especially since the national median cost […]

What Happens When You Run Out Of Money At An Assisted Living Facility

One of the biggest questions involving assisted living facilities involves what can happen to a resident if their money ends up running out while they are staying there. If either you or someone you know is currently living in one of these facilities and you end up running out of money with no backup plan […]

Top Three Regrets Of Those Who Are Dying

One nurse who hails from the continent of Australia recently composed a blog in which she notes some of the top regrets of those who are currently dying. The notations were made during the last twelve weeks of patients’ lives. Here are three of those top regrets. Wishing They Hadn’t Worked So Hard This is […]

Assisted living criteria

Great professional living assisted best practices So, you’ve finally decided that you want to spend the rest of your retirement life living in an assisted living facility, correct? Congratulations! Now, where do you start?  How would you know if the facility is a right fit or not? What makes a good assisted living facility a […]

Are you ready for assisted living – things you should know  

Whether you are a current senior citizen on the verge of retirement and/or somebody looking for a way to relive your college glory days, deciding on whether you should go to a nursing home or an assisted living facility upon retirement would be one of the most important decisions that you would make in your […]

What is a Major Life Transition?

A major life transition can come in many forms. Essentially, any change or shakeup to the average daily routine of your life can be classified as a transition. Transitions can be a result of a planned or unplanned change in your life. Each transition comes with its own set of unique challenges and each individual […]

How Can Hoarding Effect Your Life

Hoarding Disorder has been recognized as a mental disease and can be found between two and six percent of the population. As recognized, hoarding is a disease, and people afflicted with Hoarding disorder can struggle in their daily lives because hoarding can take over people’s lives. Symptoms The American Psychiatric Association lists symptoms of hoarding […]

The LifeCycle Transitions Difference

In an industry as necessary and important as transitional services, it takes plenty of character to stand out. Some tend to entice customers through connections or pricing. Still, there’s something significant about the business owners themselves being a cut above the rest. That’s the LifeCycle Transitions difference. We offer the personal connection and other elements […]

The Cost of Avoiding the Inevitable

When you are downsizing, going through a divorce, or moving an elderly family member to somewhere new, it’s difficult to wrap your head around the whole ordeal. It causes plenty of stress and is not an easy feat. Due to the sheer amount of work involved in transitions, some turn away from the process completely […]

Did You Know These Facts About Transition Planning?

Transition planning is a bit more complicated than one could expect – especially when something like hoarding or familial issues make the process an involved project. Many invest in these services without too much information about transition planning, but we’re happy to educate people and share some vital facts that will help you during the […]

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