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Making the decision to sell your home and relocate is difficult—especially if a lifetime of memories took place within the walls of that home. Knowing that you really need to sell the home doesn’t make the decision any easier. When your back is against the wall, apply to our Home Rescue & Relocation Program.

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The Home Rescue Program is designed to help clients who do not have the knowledge, patience, time or funds to handle the many moving parts of home remediation, home improvement and home sales. The program allows clients to walk into a new phase of life in as little as 30 days. Clients whose homes meet our criteria are invited to apply. If accepted, clients can sell their homes ‘As Is’ to LifeCycle Transitions syndicate of investors. These clients receive a reduced price on the clean-up, as well as relocation planning, assistance with the physical move and cash for their property.

When it’s more of a hassle than it’s worth, walking away from a distressed property lifts worry, shame and financial burden – while easing physical and mental health concerns. With our suite of services and our help, clients can seamlessly relocate anywhere in the continental United States.

At LifeCycle Transitions, we guide you through the process of selling your home, regardless of whether your situation involves financial distress, years of neglect, the effects of hoarding or limitations caused by chronic illness. Even if you’re facing foreclosure, or your home has been condemned, we can provide private, efficient help very quickly.

We’ll come to your home, sit down with you and discuss your specific situation. We will evaluate the home during the walk-through and provide options for a remedy. If your home meets our criteria, you will be accepted into the program. Once you’re accepted, you will receive a solid cash offer for your home just as it is. LifeCycle staff will guide you through the steps of the sale, pay your legal fees and closing costs, complete the remediation, assist in your relocation, and guarantee that you’ll have your cash in hand in 30-45 days.

4 Steps To Freedom

Begin the application process by calling 1-877-273-7810 or submitting an online inquiry.


Meet us at your home

Meet us at your home When we receive your call or online inquiry, we will contact you to schedule an in-home walk through and assessment. Transition Assessments are usually completed within 1 week of your initial contact. Our goal is to assess your home ‘As Is.’ There is no need to declutter, repair, or deep-clean your home. Our team will evaluate your home in its current condition and discuss the best possible solutions available to you.


The ‘As Is’ offer

If your property meets our criteria, you will be accepted into the Home Rescue & Relocation Program and immediately receive a strong cash offer for your home ‘As Is’ and a reduced price for remediating your home. (Clean-up fee is due in full before the start of the project). Armed with cash in hand, in 30-45 days or less you will be well on your way to a fresh start. If you are not accepted into the program, we will tell you why.


Get ready for a fresh start!

We understand that making this transition isn’t as simple as accepting an offer and moving out. You will need to sort, organize, pack and downsize. If decluttering may present a serious hurdle for you, our team of experienced Technicians will help you through all of it. As you begin the process of relocating to a new home, apartment, active senior community, or assisted-living facility, our network of professionals will help you locate a residence that meets your needs--anywhere in the continental United States.


30-Day Promise

If you choose to sell your home with Lifecycle, Our guarantee is a 30day turnaround as we utilize our broker network rather than the traditional local buyer network. This ensures that you as a seller, limit the amount of expenses it takes to sell your home, while leveraging our network of qualified buyers. If we do not make on our promise in the stated time, you have the opportunity to end services with LifeCycle at no additional cost.

There’s nothing to lose! Contact us today

The Home Rescue Program offers homeowners these unique benefits:

  • No listing fees, legal fees, or realtor fees.
  • Wider reach than a regular listing could provide, since LifeCycle investors include hundreds of cash buyers.
  • Ability to target niche buyers who understand the particular situation associated with your home, whether it’s neglected or burdened by hoarding, distressed or condemned, foreclosed or damaged by fire or water.
  • An efficient, hassle-free process that circumvents tricky loan requirements and costly inspections.
  • Faster closings that can usually be completed in 30 days or fewer.
  • Ability to cancel the agreement if LifeCycle Transitions doesn’t locate a suitable buyer within 30 days.
  • A quick, private resolution to a situation that can be painful, difficult, and embarrassing.
  • A discreet solution that lets clients avoid unwanted attention from curious neighbors.
  • A reduced price on the clean-up or transition cost, with the opportunity for postponed payments until the sale closes.

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Our in-person quote process allows us to thoroughly assess each person's situation and formulate
an action plan that carefully and effectively provides support for every need.


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