Healthy Home Preparation

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If you or a loved one is returning home from the hospital or a rehab center, you may benefit from this service, which assures that your home has the repairs and atmosphere to help you continue on your way to a speedy recovery. We can eliminate tripping hazards, install safety features, or do any number of fix-ups that will make your home the best place for you to recover.

Benefits of Recovering at Home

Smaller risk of infections. Your body isn’t exposed to a wide variety of germs.

Better rest. You don’t hear the normal hospital sounds or have medical staff rousing you through the night.

Increased social interaction. It’s easier for friends and family members to visit you at home.

Normal Routine. Even if you’re limited in what you can do, you are in familiar surroundings and can gradually transition back into a routine that works best for you.

Improved state of mind. Being at home eases your mind about your property, your loved ones, and your pets, so that you can set your mind on healing.

Greatly reduced costs. Even if you require home care assistance, you could significantly reduce your total expenses.

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Our Home Care Specialist will thoroughly inspect your home with the intention to provide a comprehensive Transition Plan that will best support and address all your needs.

Making Home Safe

We make your home a safe and inviting place for you to return to when you are discharged from the hospital or a rehab facility. We eliminate any tripping hazards, install safety features like extra lighting or handrails, and make any other necessary improvements. 

Home Can Be a Dangerous Place

Many homes contain one or more of these potentially dangerous characteristics:

  • Tripping hazards such as throw rugs, loose flooring, uneven floors, extension cords, small pets, or short steps.
  • Steep stairways without proper handrails.
  • Excessive clutter that prevents proper cleaning and ventilation of the home.
  • Poor lighting that increases the likelihood of falls. 

Our Healthy Home Prep specialists can prepare your home before you arrive so that you’re in an environment that will help you recover.

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