Home Care

  • Are you or one of your family members recovering from surgery or in a rehabilitation center without a clean environment to return home to?
  • Are you or one of your family members considering moving to an Assisted-Living facility but have no idea how to find one or if you can afford it?
  • Have you or one of your family members decided to relocate to another state?
  • Have you or one of your family members decided to age in place?
  • Do you or one of your family members need Home Care but is embarrassed or ashamed of the home’s condition?
  • Has your property or your family member’s property been neglected, condemned or is close to being
  • Do you need to prepare your home for sale?

If any or all of these questions have hit home for you, Life Cycle Transitions understands you are
experiencing an unbearable amount of stress, anxiety, worry, shame, and urgency. We know it
can be extremely daunting knowing where and how to start addressing your complex issues.
Without having the information needed to decide what’s best for you and your property, you
may fall victim to selling your home for a little cash in utter desperation. That will not solve your

When it’s critical to discover what your options are and which steps to take next, call LifeCycle
Transitions. We are very compassionate to your issues and we pay special attention to your
timing needs. We also make it convenient to meet with us. We will come to wherever you are to
discuss the answers and action plans that will remedy all of the worrisome issues. With over
500 clients transitioned to date, we are highly trained. We listen, we empathize, we understand.

LifeCycle Transitions is virtually your one-stop-shop from the beginning to the end of your
transition. You will have one point of contact for every phase of the project. Under this one
umbrella, all things are possible. We handle any and all situations as they arise.

It all starts with a visit to your home to evaluate its preparedness for your return home with
options to remain home, relocate or sell. During the evaluation assessment, we will gather the
necessary facts to give you all the pertinent information needed to decide what’s best for you
and your property. We offer individualized and fully customizable plans to suit all your needs
whether its home improvement, hoarding, mold/mildew, neglected/condemned properties or
preparing a home for sale.


Our community partners help with needed repairs and home improvements. Our roots in your
community include partnerships with Home Care companies, Assisted-Living facilities (with
locked Memory Care units) and Active Senior communities. To refer you to only the best of the
best in your area, we interview and evaluate our community partners in person to make sure
they understand and share our aim to provide excellent service.

If you need Home Care we will refer you to our community partners to come provide your
services. If Home Care isn’t appropriate, maybe you need Skilled Nursing or an Assisted-Living
facility instead.

Once we have referred you to the best option for you, we will move you to your new living
arrangement. LifeCycle Transitions staff will pack you up, move you in and unpack your
belongings to create a safe-haven for you and your family.

During the process, if you figure out you’re not equipped for any reason to rehab your property,
if you just want to sell and relocate, etc. LifeCycle Transitions will offer top dollar to acquire
your home, and as a part of your plan, we will relocate you to your new home.

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