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The LifeCycle Transitions family is the culmination of more than 9 years of holistic innovation and commitment to care. We have earned the trust and confidence of seniors and their families across New England, New York, and Chicago. Our partnership with Tufts Health Plan extends our reach in the community while making our services accessible to all.

Over the years, LifeCycle Transitions has undergone countless, positive transitions in response to the evolving demands of an ever-changing society. Today, the LifeCycle Transitions family includes an extensive, growing staff of dedicated and caring professionals whose selfless contributions make it all possible for our families and their unique transitions.

Even through our personal transition among the years, the LifeCycle philosophy has never varied. Brandon Bronaugh, Ceo explains:

“With every change, there is a transition. We respect the privacy, the views and the decisions of the people we serve. We seek and encourage the participation of their families and loved one. Each transition that we completed has a unique history and special qualities that require delicate care. From this, respect and understanding require extraordinary attention to detail and care, as we strive to help them achieve their best quality of life. Our goal is to provide the most holistic sustainable solutions that will not only extend quality of  life but also improve overall well being.”

Our History

Our founder, Brandon Bronaugh, has always had a passion for helping others. While volunteering, he noticed that, while transitions occurred and plenty of industries had a helping hand, there wasn’t necessarily a central source or company that could act as an “all-in-one” center that delivered everything a client needed to complete their transition in one fell swoop.

Thus, Top Notch Transitions was born! In 2010, Brandon recruited some of the best and brightest handy people, clinicians, and more to help his vision come to life. Since then, over 500 successful transitions have been completed. The company is endorsed by reputable agencies like Angie’s List and the Better Business Bureau and Tufts Health Plan.

In 2017, Our organization underwent it’s own transition. As our services expanded to support the ever-evolving society so did our mission. We transitioned from Top Notch Transitional Services to LifeCycle Transitions where we expanded on our holistic sustainability mission for all of our clients.

Our Mission

As we continue our commitment to care for all, we promise to remain true to our overall philosophy in respecting the privacy, the views and the decisions of the people we serve while ensuring extraordinary compassion and care, as we strive to help achieve your best quality of life. Our goal is to provide the most holistic sustainable solutions that will not only extend life but also improve overall well being.

Our Family

It takes care, dedication, and passion for helping someone through a transition. It can be a very tough time for individuals and families alike. That’s why LifeCycle Transitions stands out: our goal is to provide compassionate, thorough service to make your life easier. Our employees are aligned with our vision and are eager to help others.

The LifeCycle Transitions family is varied and diverse, each carrying a different skill set that fits into the puzzle that is your transition. We work together as a team to ensure a successful transition every time.

Our staff is committed to bringing people full, comprehensive transition planning services so they can move on to the next stage of their lives with ease. As anyone who has gone through change can attest, the process involves many individuals and services. From cleaning to repair work, LifeCycle Transitions’ team has the skill and experience to make it happen. Learn more about what our team brings to the table below!


Tufts Health Plan

To offer a compassionate service to individuals including seniors, veterans, disabled persons and others suffering from chronic health problems that require increased attention to stay well at home or to transition to a new location, LifeCycle Transitions recently partnered with Tufts Health Plan.

Tufts Health Plan is an HMO plan with a Medicare contract. Subscribers to the Tufts Health Plan will have access to 20% discount on home modification, house cleaning, hoarding assistance, home improvements, independent living support and more through the LifeCycle Transitions.

Other benefits that will be enjoyed by members are:

  • 100% guaranteed quality satisfaction
  • Improved safety in the home and its environment
  • Reduction in the potential of injuries at home
  • Enhancement of quality of life at home
  • Assistance with transitioning back home from rehab or surgeries
  • Help with preparing your home for sale
  • Opportunity of enjoying multiple services completed at once thereby saving time and money
  • Access to a personalized transition coordinator to assist you from start to finish.

Discounts and services included in the Preferred Extras program are not plan benefits and are not subject to the Medicare appeals process.

Senior Bluebooks

The Seniors Blue Book and SeniorsBlueBook.com is the resource of choice in every market we serve. Senior Blue Books is committed to providing the most complete and comprehensive resources available and are constantly working on compiling new information, expanding distribution and enhancing existing categories. We have partnered with Senior Bluebooks to aide in our efforts to distribute our information to those in need.


LifeCycle Transitions provides a suite of one-of-a-kind, proprietary, services to assist clients with neglected properties, hoarding, downsizing, and relocation – at a fraction of the cost.

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