Our fully-equipped team of experts can handle any transition, big or small. Our clients come from all walks of life, and we’ve successfully transitioned hundreds of happy clients into the next stage of their lives. Seniors, those with disabilities, and divorcees are significant clients, and we help them frequently, among others who need to change their life for the better.

Transition Evaluation

Our Transition Evaluation Assessment is the first step and how we ensure each experience works for the individual. From packing to cleanup, there are several options we offer that can help individuals through these crises.

The assessment allows us to use our expertise and knowledge to determine what plan should get put in place for optimal results.

During our Transition Assessment Evaluation process, we take the time to assess mental care, physical care, and emotional care to ensure the best, most professional, and suitable results possible. Our care, thorough process, and experience sets us apart and enables us to be transition experts.

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Hoarding Intervention

Our hoarding intervention consultation is a perfect match for a family member, or social worker who is trying to assist a hoarder in removing the clutter from their life crisis and provide them a chance at a new start.

Having someone else intervene with the experience that it takes to make sure a hoarder's emotional needs are being met, while clearing up their space is of the utmost importance. Let us support you in your journey to helping your loved one, or client live a quality of life they never thought was possible!

During our hoarding evaluation process, we take the time to assess mental, physical, and emotional care to ensure the best results possible. Our care, thorough process, and experience sets us apart and enables us to be hoarding intervention experts.

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Senior Transitions

Two elderly gentlemen having a chat

Bette Davis once said, “getting old is not for sissies” - and she was entirely correct. Aging presents many challenges: some you face alone, others we are are well-versed in getting you through them


Has your home or other property become too much for you to manage? LifeCycle Transitions will provide a solution and help you arrive at your next destination with little to no complications.

Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness Inspection

When you are recovering from a major surgery or facing a painful illness, planning a transition or performing home maintenance is the last thing on your mind. We help ease the burden with our health & wellness inspection.

Property Inspection

Property inspection worker with a hardhat and toolkit

Selling a home with clutter or structural issues can be a difficult task. There’s a lot on your plate, and it can be an overwhelming task to get your house on the market without having to break the bank. 

Transition Coordination

From divorce to downsizing. We will take the time to assess your home, understand its value, and help you or your family come up with a comprehensive plan to get it all done.

Relocation Assistance

When life hands you unexpected events, the best you can do is fix your situation. Sometimes, that means moving to an entirely new location. LifeCycle will help you get there.

Customized Hoarding & Transitioning Services

Transition Contracting Services

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