Services Packages

Downsizing Transition Assessment:  $599.00 USD
Are you running out of space? Is the issue of downsizing overwhelming you or a family member? Hire the experts!Get Assessments on: Decluttering Home Repairs Move management, Locating Assisted Living preparing the home for sell accurate property comps

Transition Assessment Evaluation: $499.00 USD

Have you experienced a life-changing event? Do you need direction, advice, motivation, and encouragement?We have transitioned over 600 clients. Schedule an evaluation with our Transition Experts today.

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Work from Home Cleanup:  $1,199.00 USD
Is your work home environment dysfunctional? Does the mess cause you stress? Studies have shown a cleaner work environment leads to better concentration! Our team can help! with office organization, sorting, filing, deep cleaning, and sterilization.
Transition Assessment Evaluation Zoom Call: $175.00 USD
Has your life changed significantly during the pandemic? Do you need advice putting it back together?Schedule an assessment today with a transition expert who has helped transition hundreds of clients from difficult situations!
Hoarding Intervention Zoom Call: $200.00 USD
Need help talking to a loved one about their hoarding disorder? Are you afraid their living conditions are unsafe or unsanitary, and getting worse? Are they not ready to provide access to the home need to take baby steps first? We can help!
Fresh Start Cleanup 2 and 2! 2 days, 2 techs: $1,299.00 USD
Includes: Packing, sorting, cleaning, organizing and hauling away. Disclaimer must have on-site disposal – Dumpster cost not included.
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