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About our Market-Ready Evaluation

LifeCycle Transitions is a one-stop-shop for life’s major shifts. We provide a suite of one-of-a-kind, proprietary, services to assist clients, like you, in your greatest time of need.

In our experience, clients going through a life-altering transition undergo an unbearable amount of stress, anxiety, shame, and urgency. We acknowledge that at this difficult time, you may not be able to gather and analyze all the pertinent data to make an informed decision on the best future for yourself and your property. LifeCycle Transitions alleviates all the stress by compassionately and discreetly supporting you mentally, physically, and emotionally in picking up the pieces of your life.

So, let us do the legwork! LifeCycle Transitions created a new, unique service called the Market-Ready Evaluation process; providing you with the truth about your property’s condition along with definite steps to get your home sold immediately.

Life Cycle Transition’s proprietary, Market-Ready Evaluation begins with extensive research on your property and those in your neighborhood. As a result, LifeCycle Transitions will offer you all the necessary information, so you may make the most informed decisions for your future and the future of your property.

During the evaluation, you will learn:

  • the ‘as is’ value of your home based on its current condition and opportunities to quickly sell your home ‘as is.’
  • the details of your customized transition & how it affects the bottom line
  • how your home stacks up against similar homes sold in the area
  • available options, such as home improvements, to maximize your home’s profitability
  • and relocation services, including finding a new residence, packing, moving, cleaning, and unpacking.

LifeCycle Transitions cares about you and understands the difficult situations surrounding a home sale and other major transitions. We provide the utmost compassion in helping clients well beyond the actual home assessment; we truly care about your long-term care and well-being. LifeCycle Transitions attends to searching for a new and appropriate living environment that fits clients’ mental, physical and emotional needs; while concentrating on your financial expectations. The full-scale Market-Ready Evaluation is a service commitment that we are truly proud of. Contact LifeCycle Transitions today!

Transition Planning

No one does it like us! We asses your situation (such as downsizing, hoarding, retirement, etc.) and provide a host of expert services neatly packaged in a customized transition plans

We Buy Homes!

If we are unsuccessful at orchestrating a custom transition plan that meets your budget, due to cost, timeframe, or just the thought of managing a massive home improvement project, gives you immediate anxieties. Not to worry because LifeCycle Transitions has a stress-free solution. We will offer a fair market price to purchase your property ‘as is’ based on the results of a personalized Market-Ready Evaluation.

Neglected Properties

We understand the unique needs of clients who have neglected properties, or wish to de-clutter their homes after years of hoarding. Whether you with to sell, move, or stay, we’re trained to service your every need

Home Improvement

Cut out the middle man! LifeCycle Transitions proprietary Market-Ready Evaluation pinpoints the home improvements needed to get your property upgraded and sold fast!

Hoarding Assistance

We remedy hoarding by sorting, packing, removing unwanted items, cleaning and re-organizing kept items to create a safe-haven for our clients.

Why Sell Your Home to LifeCycle Transitions?

  • LifeCycle Transitions is the best in the business. Here’s what sets us apart:
  • Licensed, bonded and insured
  • The only company offering a one-stop-shop for transition/sale/relocation
  • Proprietary Market-Ready Eval. – learn the truth about your home’s potential
  • Aging or deceased parents -we truly can identify and relate to your circumstances
  • Downsizing is our specialty! We give you a new lease on life.
  • Competitive pricing for our suite of transition services
  • Dependable, professional and compassionate transition experts
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • Hassle-free, most competitive, we purchase your home ‘as is’
  • Usually low to no out-of-pocket expenses (when you sell your home to us ‘as is’)
  • Customized transition plans – We tailor our services to meet your specific needs
  • Entire transition/sale/relocation process done in 30 days guaranteed
  • Significant savings by avoiding realtor fees, moving costs, etc.
  • 100% privacy and confidentiality through your transition
  • Unlimited resources for your every need at a fraction of the cost: counseling, home care, affordable housing, assisted living communities, estate planners, attorneys, and much more.

LifeCycle Transitions is the best in the business. Here’s what sets us apart: we will be there for you (and your family) from the beginning to the very end. We pride ourselves on the way we care for people and their situations.


I needed an “All In One” solution to my distinct family needs. Life Cycle Transitions provided many resources to meet my family’s short-and long-term health and housing needs. Accommodations such as housing rehab services and clinical services helped me manage sudden changes in my family dynamic. We got started fairly quickly which helped ease pressure and anxieties during a very difficult time in my life. Thanks to LifeCycle Transitions for a unique blend of consideration and reliability.”

 – Damon Kiser

LifeCycle Transitions was truly a one-stop-shop. They took care of my family and I every step of the way. It was an amazing and remarkable transition. LifeCycle Transitions has great resources for all types of needs. I would highly recommend their services to anyone in need.”

– Stephen Correia

When I unexpectedly lost my mom, she had been hoarding for the better part of fifteen years. I inherited our dilapidated family home (with a stubborn tenant) in a state that is a six hour drive from where I live. About a month after my mom’s funeral, I had to figure out what my options were for cleaning and selling the property. I knew I couldn’t do it myself, so I did a Google search and found LifeCycle Transitions. I didn’t know it at the time, but this was a complete God send.

They developed a customized transition plan to retrieve my valuables, empty the house, watch over it, make repairs as needed for the tenant and get the property ready for sale ‘as is.’ When I needed support, they had a counselor on call. She even came to the opening day of my transition services to make sure I was ok.

LifeCycle transitions held my hand from the beginning to the end and I received more than expected at the selling table.”

– La-Vie Borde-Perry

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