Needs Assessment

Our Transitions Needs Assessment allows Lifecycle Transitions to provide the most comprehensive customized solutions that best fit your needs. Our Transition Experts will meet with you and your family within your home to address all required solutions for your transition.

After meeting with you and your family we will create a Transitions Needs Evaluation and Assessment that will indicate all of our customized service offerings solutions that meet your unique needs.

Check out some of our success stories.

We Have A Solution For Every Transition
Here's Few

Age: Early 80’s
Marital Status: Married  

Summary: Barbara was recently discharged to a skilled nursing home due to health-related issues. She can not return home due to inhabitable conditions. She and her husband insist that they are not interested in moving to an assisted living and simply want to clean their house.

Age: Mid 80’s
Marital Status: Widowed 10 Years  

Summary: James is a hoarder who has lived in severe clutter for 20+ Years. James reached out to LifeCycle after expressing interest in adopting a dog companion. In order to adopt the dog, he will need to complete a wellness inspection of his home. 

Rose Mary
Child Influencer
Age: Mid 70’s
Marital Status: Recently Widowed  

Summary: Jan is concerned for her mothers (Rose Mary) wellbeing after the recent loss of her husband. Jan suggests that her mother be placed in an assisted living as she has early-onset dementia and needs additional support.

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