Home rescue program

Becoming a homeowner can come with many rewards and at times a few challenges. Here at Lifecycle Transitions, we understand parting ways with a valued home can bring anxieties whether you are choosing to do so or have fallen on hard times and can no longer maintain your home. Unlike our competitors, we do not only rescue clients from homes who are in need of significant repair and homes that owners need to sell more quickly. Although we support these clients, we understand that it's not as black and white. We have rescued clients from homes due to hoarding, death, condemnation, needing to downsize, facing foreclosure and homes in utter disrepair. We understand that making the tough choice to sell is difficult and this is why lifecycle Transitions prides ourselves in providing wrap-around services to support all needs in securing the best offer with a guaranteed 30 day closing after purchase.

4 Steps To Freedom

Call 1-877-273-7810 or submit an inquiry

One of our transition experts will contact you to set up a rescue assessment. Rescue assessments will allow for our team to review the home in its current condition while sitting with you to go over the best possible solutions. We will take the time to understand what your needs are and provide our best solutions.

We Will Visit Your Home

Save your time and your money. We prefer to see the condition of your home in its most authentic state so there’s no need to tidy up or make small repairs to your home before our arrival. We will complete a walkthrough of the home analyzing the best solutions.

We Will Provide a Offer (Or Denial)

Once the rescue assessment is completed, our team of lenders will review your assessment and secure you an offer the same day unless additional information is required. This offer will include closing costs. Not all homes are subject to an offer. Determining factors will be provided if denied.

New Beginnings. Let's Move!

We understand that it isn’t as simple as just accepting an offer and moving out. This is why we provide our network of nation-wide agents will assist you in locating a local or out-of-state residences including assisted livings, condos, apartments, townhomes, independent living. Our expansive network of realtors, financial planners and additional resources will provide support in securing your next living arrangement. Moving is tough and can bring unnecessary stress, this is why we will also include our team of technicians to provide our standard move management support in sorting, packing, disposing of unwanted items and unpacking into your new home. Need legal assistance? Not to worry we got you covered during this process. Once you’re provided and offer, Life Cycle will cover all your legal fees to ensure everything goes smoothly.


LifeCycle Transitions provides a suite of one-of-a-kind, proprietary, services to assist clients with neglected properties, hoarding, downsizing, and relocation – at a fraction of the cost.

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