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Hoarding is an intricate part of our transition services as it is a complex, overwhelming effect of a persons’ mind, home, and health. It is a significant part of our transition services as it requires the most attention to detail, support and compassion for sustainable holistic solutions.

We focus on the client first not the condition of the home. We complete our Transition Needs Assessment where we meet the client in their home first. We assess the wellbeing of the client from health, nutrition, willingness to change and then the condition of the home.

Hoarding requires a thorough, detailed process that ensures optimal safety and cleanliness for all. Our end goal is to provide not just a clean organized home but instill methods that the client can use to maintain the condition of their new home.

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Are You An Influencer?

Are you an influencer? 

( A person ie family member, spouse, friend, neighbor etc who is contacting lifecycle in hope we can support your loved one through a transition)

Not sure how to address the looming concerns of a loved ones hoarding. Chances are, your loved one isn’t ready to acknowledge their hoard and may not be initially interested in change. Here are some tips to aide you in providing an intervention with your loved one.

  • Educate yourself on hoarding
  • Obtain resources and support
  • Check your expectations
  • Reach out to your loved one
  • Support your loved one on the path to recovery


Our Solutions


Our team of Transition Technicians will preform packing services as a means to free up space to thoroughly clean your home


Our Team oof Transition Technicians will sort and organize items that the client intend to keep, donate, and discard


Our team of Transitions Technicians will perform deep cleaning of all surfaces in the home to ensure all toxic and impurities are removes and satanized to ensure holistic sustainability

Haul Away

Our team of Transition Technicians will utilize dumpster and scheduled trash pick up to discard of items the client has chosen to purge.

Home Rehab/ Renovations

In order to provide the the most optimal living conditions or provide a market ready home, our team of transition contractors will complete requested home renovations at the request of the client.

Hoarding Rescue Relocation

Some clients prefer to avoid the at times extensive measures it takes to get their home in order and prefer to sell their home as it stands. Our team or transitions experts and realtors work to find the best relocation options from selling your home as it to moving you into your new home.

Still not sure how to support your loved one? 

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Whether you want to address your concerns head on, need support in a hoarding intervention or simply want to know what truly needs to be done with your property. 

Our Hoarding Needs Assessment will address all of your concerns. 

Types of Hoarders​


A person whose environment is filled with mostly trash with no emotional value. Often times the condition of home induces insects, rodents, and mold.


An individual that hoards items such as books, magazines, newspapers and other reading materials. Many people with this condition happen to be classified as genius level. Many hold positions as professors, accountants, psychologists, and engineers.

Animal Hoarder

An individual who hoards animals often times for rescue. However many become overwhelmed Caregivers and cannot provide consistent care as their hoard of animals become too much to bear.

Food Hoarder

An individuals who purchase and/or collects mostly canned and boxed items of food. Often times the food items are expired and are harmful to humans to consume.


An individual who has good intentions to use recyclable items however they collect recycled goods in excess in fear they may need to use it one day. This results in a home filled with items that can often times be donated.


An individual who has a specified fascination with themed items. This individual often times cannot stop buying or collecting items and acts on impulse whenever the opportunity presents itself.


LifeCycle Transitions provides a suite of one-of-a-kind, proprietary, services to assist clients with neglected properties, hoarding, downsizing, and relocation – at a fraction of the cost.

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