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Hoarding Transition Assistance

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Hoarding Services

Hoarding is a complex, overwhelming effect of stress and a significant part of our transition services. Time and time again, we help others find a way to declutter and re-focus on what’s important: the condition of their home and the safety of their belongings. LifeCycle Transitions has several hoarding cleanup options ranging from a thorough, complete clean out to the recovery of valuable items. LifeCycle Transitions can help ease the burden and assist you or your loved ones with compulsive hoarding. Our hoarding intervention assistance process involves:

Packed boxes in an empty room


During the process, we take great care to ensure the items getting packed will stay in good shape and move-in ready. Our staff has many collective hours working with hoarders, so you can have confidence that we can pack your items safely, economically, and efficiently.

leaner ringing cloth out in bucket


Our team will clean your house and ensure there are no safety hazards. Your home will have a personality again and truly feel like your’s again. LifeCycle Transitions has the skills and experience to ensure your mess becomes a thing of the past.

Moving Trucks


LifeCycle is happy to lend a helping hand and make the process as smooth as possible. After organization and cleaning, we’ll get you on track and ensure your move is a success by placing you in the hands of trusted moving professionals.

Bins added to drawer in an organization project


Hoarding often results in great, scattered, and seemingly unmanageable clutter. LifeCycle’s experience with hoarders in the past has taught us that the job can still get done. We’ll take the time to place items in their respective categories and keep everything together.

A pile of random clutter


Some clients require a complete overhaul, but we are open to assist with smaller scale projects. A quick decluttering can also keep living in your space or making a move to a new one easier, and our team has performed services for hundreds of clients.


Hoarding Intervention

Since our inception in 2010, LifeCycle Transitions has helped hundreds of hoarders and their loved ones and set them on the path to success. Our team of trained professionals’ goal is to restore not only clients’ homes but also their lives.

How It Works

On-Site Home Evaluation

When we get the address, we pay attention to the details and get all of the facts in order after an assessment. Through our Transition Evaluation Assessment, we can assemble a plan of action targeted to your needs.

Provision of Quote

Once the evaluation gets conducted, we list our services and prices beforehand, so you understand what our services entail and what fees will get paid. There are no surprises. We can get a quote to you within 24 hours of evaluation.

Commencement of The Project

After the quote gets delivered, we assign one of our professional, compassionate staff members to handle the clean-up from start to finish. Whether it is a moderate declutter or daunting hoarding situation, LifeCycle Transitions will get it done.

Our staff has hundreds of hours of on-scene experience with hoarders. We offer 24-hour phone and email support to provide answers to your questions.

Success Stories

  • Over 500 transitions since 2010.
  • An endorsement from Tufts Health Plan as a preferred transition provider for all subscribers.
  • Free estimates by available licensed and bonded general contractors.
  • Crew members dispatched and assembled within 48 hours of initial transition consultation.
  • A licensed clinician is available onsite during the transition process.
  • Proud award winner of Angie’s List Super Service award two years in a row.
  • BBB accredited service provider.
  • Highly trained and skilled professionals.
  • 24-hour emergency service calls.
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