We Have Transition Options for Every Scenario!
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We Have Transition Options for Every Scenario!

In our experience, clients going through a life-altering transition realize an unbearable amount of stress, anxiety, shame and urgency. We acknowledge that at this difficult time, you may not be able to gather and analyze all the pertinent data to make an informed decision on the best future for yourself and your property. LifeCycle Transitions alleviates all the stress by compassionately and discreetly supporting you mentally, physically and emotionally in picking up the pieces of your life.

So, let us do the legwork! Life Cycle Transitions created a new, unique service called the Market-Ready Evaluation process; providing you with the truth about your property’s condition along with definite steps to get your home sold immediately.

During the evaluation, you will learn:

  • The ‘as is’ value of your home based on its current condition and opportunities to quickly sell your home ‘as is.’
  • The details of your customized transition & how it effects the bottom line,
  • How your home stacks up against similar homes sold in the area,
  • Available options, such as home improvements, to maximize your home’s profitability and relocation services, including finding a new residence, packing, moving, cleaning and unpacking.

Then LifeCycle Transitions will develop a customized transition plan for you. Our plans start with three basic options for transition.

1.      Basic Transition Service:

LifeCycle Transitions will work as your active partner in putting your home back in order. Transition services include, but are not limited to, finding you (and your family if applicable) temporary housing, sorting, packing, donation drop-offs, laundry services, hauling debris, commercial dumpster rentals, deep cleaning, unpacking and organizing your things. You will walk into a spotless, organized safe-haven upon your return.

2.     Home Improvement Transition Service:

LifeCycle Transitions will work as your active partner in transitioning (see basic transition service) and remodeling your home in conjunction with our trusted community partners; contractors, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, painters and stagers will swiftly transform your home to a new and improved safe-haven. Everything will be fixed and all your belongings will be organized and ready for you to begin a new lease on life.

3.     ‘As Is’ sale to/Transition by LifeCycle Transitions

If the costs, hassles, delays and unpredictable timeframes of home improvement, followed by the traditional sales process doesn’t appeal to you, Life Cycle Transitions has a stress-and hassle-free, one-stop-shop, for your total peace of mind with low to no out-of-pocket expenses. The purchasing price covers the sale of your home to Life Cycle Transitions, legal fees AND the entire suite of customized transition and relocation services at a deep discount.

30-Day Guarantee for ‘As Is’ Transition and Sales Process

From A to Z, your transition, sale and relocation can happen in the next 30 days. Here’s how…

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