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Mission Statement

It takes care, dedication, and passion for helping someone through a transition. It can be a very tough time for individuals and families alike. That’s why LifeCycle Transitions stands out: our goal is to provide compassionate, thorough service to make your life easier. We hire people who align with our vision and are eager to help others.

The LifeCycle Transitions staff is varied and diverse, each carrying a different skill set that fits into the puzzle that is your transition. We all work together as a team to ensure a successful transition every time.

Our staff is committed to bringing people full, comprehensive transition planning services so they can move on to the next stage of their lives with ease. As anyone who has gone through change can attest, the process involves many individuals and services. From cleaning to repair work, LifeCycle Transitions’ team has the skill and experience to make it happen. Learn more about what our team brings to the table below!

Our Mission Statement

LifeCycle Transitions started (under the name Top Notch Transitions) with one goal: provide professional and well-executed transition services to those who need it. Widows, newly separated or divorced individuals, seniors, and baby boomers are some of our most popular clientele, and our mission is to give them the fulfilled lives they deserve.

Our team helps clients overcome the challenges that follow a recent death, divorce, maintaining distressed houses, old age, and hoarding crises.

Throughout our career, we’ve made connections with professionals in various industries that assist people during transitions. Our personal, numerous relationships allow us to change people’s lives for the better. We want to help those who need it locate assisted living facilities, estate planners, home care providers, and realtors who purchase distressed properties.

Each client completes our comprehensive Transitional Planning Assessment, which contains three core principles:

  •    Physical care
  •    Mental care
  •    Emotional care

We also believe in our philosophy of 3 A’s: acknowledge, accept and address.

The first step is recognizing and accepting that you have a challenge. Then, we solve the situation by providing you with the professional, compassionate assistance clients need to overcome the most difficult situations life brings.

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