How To Organize Spaces In Your Home To Prevent A Fall
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How To Organize Spaces In Your Home To Prevent A Fall

Making your home safe doesn’t need to be a huge task that consumes a lot of your time or money. Relatively small changes can help to prevent a fall that could result in injury. However, if you have lived in the same home for many years, it can be difficult to determine exactly which changes need to be made.

Here are three easy ways to organize different areas of your home in order to prevent a fall:


Always make sure that your hallways are free and clear of any clutter and other small furniture items, which can create a safety hazard in terms of falls. You will also want to remove any large-sized hanging items that can cause the hallway to become more narrow, as well as ensure that any stairways you have closeby are clear of clutter.

Get Rid of Clutter

Whether it’s putting items into storage or simply throwing away or donating things that you no longer need, getting rid of clutter is a great way to help prevent falls in your home.


Take the time to remove any and all area rugs, which can turn into major safety hazards since they aren’t physically attached to the floor. You will also want to secure any cords up against the wall, which will prevent you from tripping over them and falling thanks to them being in the middle of your floor. Non-slip floor pads are wonderful things to consider as well, as they can help you remain balanced and safe.

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