Selling A Home That Contains Modifications
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Selling A Home That Contains Modifications

Life can become even more challenging for those who have any kind of disability. Home is always one place in which these people should feel comfortable; however, many of them are not designed with modifications to assist those with walkers, wheelchairs, etc.

Here are some of the most common modifications that help to make life much easier for senior citizens:

*Grab bars in bathrooms

*Roll-in or walk-in tubs/showers

*Pull handles on doors rather than traditional handles

*Exterior ramps

*Stair lifts

*No steps

*More handrails on steps

*Laundry facilities on the first floor

*Shower or bath in a first floor bedroom

*Portable shower seats

*Sinks and showers with levered faucets

*Adjustable windows

*Automatic garage door openers

*Strategic lighting

There are also some useful modifications that can be implemented for disabled individuals of all ages, such as the following:

*Wider doorways for access to those who use walkers or wheelchairs

*Countertops lowered to the height of a wheelchair

*Lowering the height of light switches

*Roll-in showers


*Height of handles and locks lowered

*Hard flooring in place of carpet

*No chairs

If the time ever comes to sell a home with any of these types of modifications, however, they may actually affect the overall resale value due to not actually being assets to a potential buyer, even though they may have been essential assets to the individual who lives there now and requires them. Resale value can be affected by the following accessibility changes:

*Type of modification

*Potential future buyer

*Location of the home

Some modifications, however, can actually have a positive impact on a home. This is especially the case if the modifications are established in a tasteful manner and as long as they remain in line with the overall architectural style of the home itself. Placing an actual dollar value on these things, however, is virtually impossible because of the fact that the impact itself depends on what type of home is involved, as well as the location and demographic of the target buyer. Universal Design, however, which is a type of home design that is completely safe for everyone, regardless of age and disability, is a principle that can impact the overall impact itself.

Here are a few features of this type of principle:

*Bathrooms that are both safe and accessible

*Faucet handles and lever doors

*Bathrooms with non-slip surfaces

*No entrance steps

*Adequate entry door lighting

*Bedroom, bathroom, and laundry room on the ground floor

*No glossy surfaces

Features such as these will not hurt the resale value of the home, nor will it change either the home’s look or architectural design.

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