Preventing A Fall While At Home
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Preventing A Fall While At Home

Take a moment to take a look around your home and see if you notice anything that could potentially cause a tripping hazard or other issue that could end up causing someone to fall down. Regardless of the room, each one in a home is at risk; however, there are some that are far riskier than others.

Thankfully, there are many different changes that you can make to your home’s interior in order to prevent these types of accidents from taking place. Even better is the fact that these changes can be made without a lot of help from a professional, and they can even be completed in a single day.

Here are some of the most important room changes to consider.



*Use lights that work on a timer

*Place lamps that are touch-operated

*Install nightlights in order to prevent falls during the late night hours

*Invest in remote control lighting to make things much easier for senior citizens



*Remove any and all area rugs

*Immediately clean up any spills that occur

*Fix any sudden changes in flooring height, as often happens at doorways



*Ensure that items used the most are within easy reach

*Avoid crowding the room too much with chairs and tables



*Install a shower chair

*Consider a toilet surround for extra stability

*Place no-slip pads in your bathtub



*Lower all of your closet rods

*Install rails onto the bed

*Place a phone in the room



*Ensure that both the basement and stairwell are getting an adequate amount of light

*Install locks



*Try not to have senior citizens use the attic for safety purposes



*Ensure that there is an acceptable amount of shade

*Make sure there are no uneven boards if you have a wooden deck



*Look for any roots or holes that are exposed and cover them



*Improve overall visibility using either reflective strips or paint

*Ensure that there is traction on the edge of the steps


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