Top Three Regrets Of Those Who Are Dying
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Top Three Regrets Of Those Who Are Dying

One nurse who hails from the continent of Australia recently composed a blog in which she notes some of the top regrets of those who are currently dying. The notations were made during the last twelve weeks of patients’ lives.

Here are three of those top regrets:

Wishing They Hadn’t Worked So Hard

This is one regret that the nurse stated came from nearly every male patient that she worked with. Not only did they miss companionship from their partners, but they also missed out on the youth of their children as well. In essence, every male that the nurse spoke with expressed a great deal of regret for having spent so much time on work-related activities.

Wishing They Had Stayed in Touch With Friends More Often

Many patients, according to the nurse, failed to come to the realization of just how valuable the benefits of having old friends could be until it was realized that the patients were dying and it ended up being hard to get ahold of their friends. They also didn’t realize that they were taking a lot of these friendships for granted as well, which led to them not giving the proper time and effort that the friendship deserved.

Wishing They Had Allowed Themselves to Be Happier

According to the nurse, this is a regret that is rather common, as many patients failed to realize until it was too late that being happy is a choice. In many instances, these patients had been stuck in all sorts of older habits and patterns. Since they feared change, they pretended with a lot of people, as well as themselves, that they were actually content with their lives.

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