What is a Major Life Transition?
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What is a Major Life Transition?

A major life transition can come in many forms. Essentially, any change or shakeup to the average daily routine of your life can be classified as a transition. Transitions can be a result of a planned or unplanned change in your life. Each transition comes with its own set of unique challenges and each individual requires their own personal resolution or transition plan. Any transition will generally fall into three categories, personal, professional, and financial.

Personal Transition

Personal Transitions are major changes that directly affect you or a loved one. Personal transitions can manifest themselves in both positive or negative changes. An example of a positive personal transition could be a recent engagement or recent childbirth. Again, these may occur to you or a loved one. Any change that somehow impacts your life can be classified as a transition. Unfortunately, negative personal transitions are a more common occurrence and can happen in the blink of an eye. An example of a negative personal transition could be a recent divorce, death, or any major health concern. These changes are never planned and can be extremely difficult for individuals and families to go through.

Professional Transition

A professional transition is just what you would expect, any major changeup in your job or career. These can come in the form of getting a new job, losing a job, starting a business, and more. Professional transitions may not be quite as drastic as some personal transitions, but they are radical life changes nonetheless.

Financial Transition

Financial transitions can also be both positive and negative experiences. Winning big on the lottery or experiencing a significant investment gain are both examples of a financial transition. On the flip side, severe investment losses, foreclosure, or filing for bankruptcy are also financial transitions. Whichever type of financial transition occurs it is still necessary to properly address the situation.

These transitions effect everyone differently, therefore there is no simple solution. These are complex problems and require comprehensive, personalized solutions. LifeCycle Transitions has been helping people in these very situations since 2010 and we know what it takes to get individuals through these trying times. Contact us today to schedule an assessment!

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