How Can Hoarding Effect Your Life
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How Can Hoarding Effect Your Life

Hoarding Disorder has been recognized as a mental disease and can be found between two and six percent of the population. As recognized, hoarding is a disease, and people afflicted with Hoarding disorder can struggle in their daily lives because hoarding can take over people’s lives.


The American Psychiatric Association lists symptoms of hoarding disorder as:

  • Lasting problems with throwing out or giving away possessions, regardless of their actual value.
  • The problems are due to a perceived need to save the items and to distress linked to parting with them.
  • Items fill, block and clutter active living spaces so they cannot be used, or use is hampered by the large number of items (if living spaces are clear it is due to help from others).

Personal Life

People with Hoarding Disorder are often at risk of secondary health risks due to their hoarding habits. Hoarding and building up so much clutter within ones home can cause them to neglect their own well-being and personal hygiene. Routes to the shower or bath can even be blocked by the large number items. The overwhelming mess can attract insects and rodents and they may even go unnoticed because of the clutter that has built up. Hoarding also puts people at risk of trips and falls due to the mess. The extensive amount of clutter is a huge fire hazard and homes can be prone to fires and gas leaks.

Family and Social Life

People suffering from Hoarding Disorder are often reluctant to have guests or visitors over. This can cause extreme cases of isolation and loneliness. Hoarding can take a terrible toll on family life and relationships, hoarding victims may be putting their family at risk or even pushing their family away when they’re offering help. Hoarding can cause a victim’s professional life to suffer as well.

Hoarding is a disease and should be treated like one. It is a difficult thing to get through, even to get started, but LifeCycle Transitions will be here for you the whole way. If you or a loved one is suffering from Hoarding Disorder, contact LifeCycle Transitions now!

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