Did You Know These Facts About Transition Planning?
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Did You Know These Facts About Transition Planning?

Transition planning is a bit more complicated than one could expect – especially when something like hoarding or familial issues make the process an involved project. Many invest in these services without too much information about transition planning, but we’re happy to educate people and share some vital facts that will help you during the process.

1.) Transition Planning Companies Have Access To Resources

Don’t worry yourself with the process of finding lawyers, organizers, movers, and anyone else you need. Most transition planning companies – LifeCycle Transitions included – have a list of resources at their disposal. We’ll set you up with reliable, helpful professionals.

2.) There Isn’t One Exact Situation Fit For It

When you picture home transitions, it’s likely the image of messy rooms comes to mind. While we do specialize in hoarding and organization, we want to stress to others that we are there for people in several types of situations. We have helped people going through divorce, downsizing, or transporting a senior family member to a living center.

3.) The Whole Family Can Be Part of the Picture

Situations that call for transition planning can take a toll on the whole family, and we recognize everyone could use a helping hand. Ultimately, it is up to you, but we invite your family to ease your transition and assist everyone they can during the process.

4.) It’s Not Just About Getting Rid of Junk

Home improvement is so much more than cleanliness, and we’re here to help your home be perfect for your needs in all aspects. Transition planning can also include installing ramps and other systems that help disabled or elderly people navigate their homes easier.

5.) The Difference Between Us and Home Buyers? We Have a Human Touch.

When you hire someone to get rid of your home and put it on the market, it is often a just a transaction for them. It’s hard for home buyers to understand the sentimental feelings you may have toward possessions or the home in general when their end goal is to get it back on the market as soon as possible. We at LifeCycle Transitions provide compassionate, empathetic service that provides the comforting touch you need during such a big change.

If you were thinking about investing in transition planning, we hope this convinced you to give it a try. LifeCycle Transitions is happy to talk to you about our services and start planning. Give us a call at 1-(877)-273-7810 and see what we can do for you today!

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