When It Comes to Eviction, Know Your Rights!
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When It Comes to Eviction, Know Your Rights!

What do if facing eviction due to hoarding

Even if you’re currently suffering from problems with hoarding, you might not realize the problems it can create that begin to pile up around you, much like the items you find yourself unable to let go of. If your hoarding begins to reach out of control levels, there’s a chance that, if you are you are renting, your landlord might try to use this as grounds for eviction. In this case, knowing your rights as a tenant is key, as well as what does and does not constitute legal grounds for an eviction, and what you can do to retain your tenancy. Below are some helpful guidelines and things to keep in mind if you are in a position of possible eviction due to hoarding.

Important things to be aware of

To begin with, sometimes the hoarding itself can, unfortunately, constitute a non-economic breach of your contractual lease, which could be grounds for eviction. However, since hoarding tends to fall under the definition of mental illness, your landlord may try to avoid citing it as the reason for evicting you and instead use other violations that can often result from hoarding as evidence that they can legally evict you. Some examples of these violations include causing direct damage to your property, interfering with ventilation, or keeping perishable goods in a manner that could attract either bugs, rodents, or cause mold, to name a few. If you’re in violation of these rules, don’t wait until you’ve reached a citation, take action now and avoid having to deal with an eviction notice of court hearing. Some signs that your landlord might be attempting to build an eviction case against you include having staff secretly visiting the building to document the condition of your residence, a refusal to make any repairs to your residence, culminating in a surprise notice to appear before a housing court.

Final word

Would you like to avoid the embarrassing eviction process altogether? Then schedule an onsite assessment with our highly skilled and compassionate Transition Coordinators that’ll professionally implement your very own customizable solution to ensure you remain comfortably in your residence at (877)-273-7810.

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