How do hoarding cleanup companies base their pricing or fees?
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How do hoarding cleanup companies base their pricing or fees?

Hoarding cleanup fees are usually based on the following factors:

  1. The number of technicians involved.

  2. The number of disposal dumpsters utilized, along with the method of disposal, such as mobile haul away, a portable dumpster, or access to a stationary dumpster onsite?

  3. Will permits be required?

  4. The level of protective equipment required.

  5. The ease of access to the location. For example, is there any potential difficulty accessing the project or is it conveniently located on one level of the home?

  6. The location of the project. For instance, is the project located in a busy high-rise building, condominium with stiff work restrictions or a single-family home?

  7. The level of liability involved, such as the remediation of harmful, hazardous waste cleanup like fecal matter, perishable waste, feces, and chemical exposure.

  8. The resistance or reluctance anticipated from the person responsible for the actual hoarding.

  9. Will the project require a therapist or clinicians to accomplish the cleanup, if so to what degree and for how long?

  10. Will they need hypoallergenic antimicrobial solvents due to allergic reactions? 

  11. Are pets involved in the cleanup project?

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